Más Q danza


MÁSQDANZA was formed in 2007 and is dedicated to:



The production of artistic Professional Dance events.



Assisting and organising the staging of shows.



Public and corporate presentations, events and audiovisual productions.



Representation and publicity for professional dancers.



Jesús Pastor American Ballet Theatre

Working for Más Q danza under the direction of Jon Ugarriza was a wonderful experience. I hope to do the same again on many occasions.

Jon is a very inspiring choreographer and his energy and positive attitude makes it a pleasure to work with him. Jon captured the spirit of the music perfectly in "Kai" , and I got a real sense of the importance of his native culture to him.

Johannes Stepanek The Royal Ballet
Paula de Castro Ballet de l’Opéra de Nice

I've been working with MasQdanza since its inception and have been impressed by the company's stellar progress; thank you for your proffesionalism and your passion!

Working with Jon was a very positive experience, I wouldn't have missed it for the world. His dedication, enthusiasm and above all his positivity with regard to his work are what made the final result so interesting an spectacular.

Graciela Martínez Gaertnerplatz theater Munchen
Cristina Casa Royal Ballet de Flandes

It was great working with Jon, we were able to contribute our own individual movements, Jon knew very well what he wanted to achieve, which made us feel very comfortable and excitetd at the prospect.

Donostia 1813 was a very intense creation, we had to work on movement as well as style, but Jon made the work very enjoyable.

Ion Aguirretxe Royal Ballet de Flandes